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Types Of Viking Axes in the USA

Types Of Viking Axes in the USA

  • by Hassan Abbas




It is the main weapon of our dear Vikings, those who are considered explorers, traders, and looters but also Scandinavian pirates during the VII to the XI (7th to 11th century) during the period that is simply called the "age of the Vikings”. Also called Northmen or Normans or Pagans.

Viking ax Ragnar in USA

You will find real Viking axes in our store, you may be interested in getting a Viking ax from the very famous war drama Viking series of 6 seasons with 89 episodes in all. This series focuses on a character who was known in Viking history as the very famous Ragnar Lodbrok who is portrayed as a Viking hero who according to history was a Danish and Swedish king. Ragnar made his name through his many battles fought against the British Isles and the Holy Roman Empire during the 9th century.

A few facts about the Viking axe in the USA

Viking axes were once the most widely used weapons of ancient medieval Norse warriors. These Nords used two basic types of axes as weapons, the long ax and the hand axe. In the early Middle Ages, most Vikings did not possess a specific weapon, such as a spear or a sword. When they left for a battle or a war, they often had no choice but to take the same ax used to chop wood to use as a weapon. This is especially true at the start of the Viking Age.

What were the best battle axes in the USA?

As mentioned earlier, Types Of Viking Axes in the USA medieval Norse warriors used two basic types of axes, the long ax, and the hand ax. Within these two types, however, there were many variations:

Viking Warriors – Their Fiercest Warriors

When you think of the Vikings, the first thing that comes to mind is the tall, powerful, bearded Viking warrior with a horned helmet and an axe. These fearless warriors invaded the European continents from the 8th to the 11th century. Already, to be clear, Viking warriors never looked like this modern stereotype, there was a special way to become a Viking warrior:

How were Viking warriors dressed?

It is very rare to find clothing from the Viking era: A few pieces of fabric preserved in the tombs of members of the Viking upper social classes have been discovered, but this remains almost anecdotal.
For this reason, it was necessary to supplement the research with other sources in order to reconstruct their clothing. Thus, archaeologists and historians have drawn inspiration from the Gotland Stella, the multiple Oseberg tapestries in particular, literary works, and other depictions of this period.

The equipment of the Viking warrior in the USA

Well, that's exactly it! To chop off a head,Buy Viking Axes in the USA do you need a sword or an axe? Let's talk about the Viking warrior battle gear. While it is true that the Vikings loved axes (mainly because it was an item used in everyday life and therefore all Vikings owned them), they greatly preferred spears.

Giant Viking ax found in Denmark

Des archéologues danois ont déterré l'une des plus grandes haches viking sur le site d'Haarup: «Sans ornement, elle appartenait à un combattant très important du Xème siècle», explique à, le chercheur Kristen Nellemann Nielsen. L'arme a été découverte dans une tombe contenant plusieurs chambres dans lesquelles se trouvaient les cadavres d'un homme et d'une femme.

Historic Viking Axe Types and Designs in the USA

Vikings are often pictured clutching larger or smaller axes, looking threatening and wild with them in their hands. Indeed axes were an essential part of a Viking’s life. Not just as weapons, but as tools, they simply couldn’t do without in their daily lives. An axe was something every Viking needed to own and know how to use in their forested, snowy homelands. Because of this, axes became the most common weapons used during conflicts. Axes as weapons of war started simply as the available tools carried along on Viking raiding expeditions.

What Is A Viking Axe?

A Viking Axe is a hand tool that has a variety of usages both in the battleground and at home. Back in that era, swords were quite expensive and only wealthy warriors could afford them. On the other hand, an axe was something almost everyone owned as it was more of a common tool than a weapon.

Types Of Viking Axes in the USA

Axes came in a variety of sizes and shapes. Let’s take a look at the most common types of axes that were used by Vikings and which are popular nowadays in movies and TV shows about them.

Viking Axe Replicas And Viking Reenactment Weapons in the USA

Viking weapons have always interested history buffs and collectors, especially English speakers, because of the historical links Vikings had with the British and North America. But with the appearance of the hit TV show Vikings, interest in Viking axe replicas skyrocketed. The most famous such axe, of course, is Ragnar Lothbrok’s axe, but there are many beautiful and functional replicas out there.

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